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FEMsol Concentrate


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FEMsol Concentrate


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Weight 1.60 kg
Dimensions 26 × 10 × 10 cm

Overview and Benefits

It was specially developed to make and keep the soil healthy.
Soil Conditioner consists of all beneficial microbes which makes the soil fertile.

Net Volume: 1 litre


Dose: 10% dilution.
Where to Use: Can be used on soil beds of all flowers, vegetables, shrubs, trees and house plants.
How to Mix: Add 1litre FEMsol concentrate to 9 litre water. Mix well, Pour to spray bottle or sprayer tank.
How to Use: Spray on soil beds.
When to Apply: Any time during growing season.
How often to Apply: Can be applied every 7-14 days.
Overview Tips:
Fertilizer Analysis:


Associated Soil: All types of soil and potting mix.
Category : Soil conditioner
Type : Soil application and Biotigation.
Texture : Liquid
Cautions : Safe to use
Disposal Methods:
Empty containers can be reused or return backs our containers to our dealers and get discount of 5/- rupees for each container. If damaged offered for recycling.
Packaging : Plastic container
Shelf Life : 6 Months


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