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Groveg Ready To Use


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Groveg Ready To Use


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Additional information

Weight 1.110 kg
Dimensions 29 × 10 × 10 cm

Overview and Benefits

Developed to help home gardeners grow healthy and maximum quality flowers with greater fragrance, colour, large size, hardness, consistency, shelf life and storage
Rich in water soluble NPK, micro-nutrients, proteins, vitamins, amino-acids and plant growth hormones.
Ideal for all Vegetable plants
Net Volume: 1 litre


Where to Use: Can be used for all vegetables, herbs and shrubs,
How to Mix: Mixing not required. Ready to Use. Just on and spray.
How to Use: Spray on and beneath the leaves.
When to Apply: Any time during growing season. Apply before dawn or after dusk.
How often to Apply: Can be applied every 7-14 days.
Overview Tips:
Fertilizer Analysis:


Associated Plants: All types of Vegetable crops.
Category : Plant food
Type : Foliar fertilizer.
Texture : Liquid
Cautions : Safe to use
Disposal Methods:
Empty containers can be reused or return backs our containers to our dealers and get discount of 5/- rupees for each container. If damaged offered for recycling.
Packaging : Plastic container
Shelf Life : 6 Months


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